The World's Smallest Dual-Sensor Ultrasonic Ranger

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This small sonar ranger from Devantech offers an amazing wide range from 3cm to 6m. The SRF10 is interfaced using the I2C bus.

SRF-10 Ultrasonic sensor with Arduino Review


  • Voltage-5v
  • Current-15mA Typ. 3mA Standby
  • Frequency-40KHz
  • Maximum Range-6 m(236.2'')
  • Minimum Range-3 cm(1.2'')
  • Max Analogue Gain-Variable 40 to 700 in 16 steps
  • Connection-Standard I2C Bus
  • Timing-Fully timed echo, freeing host computer of task
  • Units-Range reported in uS, mm or inches
  • Size -1.25in w x 0.59in d x 0.39in h (32mm w x 15mm d x 10mm h)

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  • SRF10 ultrasonic sensor x1

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