EL Line - Neon Green

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EL Line - Neon Green

Electroluminecent wire, otherwise known as EL Wire, is a thin phosphor coated wire in a tube that lights up when you apply a high AC voltage to it. EL Wire typically needs anywhere between 20Vac to 220Vac, at a very low current. We have 10 different colors of EL Wire to choose from.


  • Indoor and outdoor advertisement, picture and logo, shop window, door, furniture, wall, roof, etc.
  • Car, boat and other vehicles decoration: inside and outside decoration, number display.
  • Safety sign and guidance: stair, passage, doorplate, temporary marks.
  • Toy, art and handcraft, sport article, garment, electrical appliance


  • Operating Voltage Range 20 220V
  • Optimum operating voltage 120V
  • Frequency range: 50-5000Hz
  • Optimum working frequency :1500-2000Hz
  • Direct capacitance 6nf/m 20 RH< 80%
  • Glow Brightness Voltage 120V Frequency 200Hz 2000Hz 30cd/m2 126 cd/m2
  • Consumed Power Voltage 120V Frequency 200Hz 2000Hz 108mw/m 1032mw/m
  • Working Life Voltage 100V Frequency 400Hz Normal Temperature and Humidity Around 5000Hrs
  • Continous Working Temperature/Relative Humidity -10 +60 RH< 90%
  • Storage Temperature/ Relative Humidity -10 +60 RH< 65%
  • Diameter: 3mm(0.12")
  • Length: 1 meters(39.4")
  • Colour:neon green

Shipping List

  • 3 meters(118") EL Wire x1

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